New Cod4 Team!
Today, after losing our Cod4 team to HF and more recently team-infused, we would like to announce our new cod4 team. The Scandinavian based line up, previously known as Team-Intolerance consists of two Swedish players SwedenTim 'phAAi' Larsson and SwedenChristian 'meanz' Niklasson. Also joining the line up is the Danish player DenmarkNikolaj 'WeepR' Pejtersen and FinlandJuha 'ZONi' Leskinen previously known for his time in truplayas.
CoD2 Wins cup-gaming

After the grand final of cup-gaming second Call of Duty 2 Cup, Netherlands took the championship above Belgium rodcad gaming. In a benelux battle the dutchies from mamut were able to finish it on the first map with a crushing win over the Belgians. This makes them the big champion

Belgium rodcad
Netherlands neOn

4th Netherlands SK Gaming
5-6th Hungary NEUROTIC
5-6th Germany defusekids

Lineup Netherlands

Netherlands Dommel
Netherlands Matje
Netherlands Pluk
Netherlands Snail
Netherlands Vioqor

CoD4 PC World Tournament

After some hard games and trilled matches Denmark  have enterd the 3rd round in PC World Tournament.
There next clash would be against Hungary Revolution on 28/12/09 20:00 CET.
The tournament
Prize purse would be €500.
We wish the team the best of luck.

Lineup Denmark :


. . .
CoD4 with lineup changes

The team will replace  Martijn "Wils" Wils and  Kasper "kAPPR" Sørensen for  Allan "Profft" Profft and  Nick "HELLBABZ" Andersen.
The danish duo are known primarily from their time in  DSRack.
After up and downs we are proud to present the new CoD4 Lineup and with The team feels they are now stronger than ever

The new lineup is now as follows:

 Patrick "AagaarD" Aagaard
 Patrick "PATR" André Gjøl
 Niels "Gevers" Gevers
 Allan "Profft" Profft
 Nick "HELLBABZ" Andersen

Statement Patrick "AagaarD" Aagaard (Team Captain):

"To be honest, things have not really gone as we wished.
We've had some changes in the team, and there have been some internal problems between different players.
But now we believe that we have found a lineup that fits perfectly ingame and socially together.
Thats why we have gone back to a 4-man Danish lineup and Gevers, as the only foreigner.
Profft And Hellboy, both former Team DSRack players are now both official in Team Mamut.
Our goal is to attend as many events both online and LAN as possible.
One thing is sure, motivation, team spirit and ingame play has never functioned better than it does now.
We also want to thank MAMUT for their continued trust and dedication in this team"

. . .
26.11.2009 add one4one cod4 team

Today we are happy that we can announce our new cod4 squad. This team was known as  one4one before and are performing very well. This is a young and a very promising team.

Team fatgames joins
Today TeamFatGames would like to announce that it is joining forces with the gaming powerhouse,

The move will to combine both organisations into one, should lead to increased stability for the players and staff, as well as consolidating sponsors.

From today onwards TeamFatGames squads and management will be operating under the flag, effectively ending the TeamFatGames name.

The TFG management crew who will be moving are:
Rowan " NawoR " Vanrusselt
Kenneth " Mactox " Hermans

The TFG CoD2 Squad who are moving are:
Paul ”dommel” Hooglander( captain )
Matthijs ”Matje” Quekel
Sam ”utelise” Vis
Gertjan ”vioqor” Dordmond
Richard ”pluk” Hoving
Remo  ”ZORRO” Zwaga

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of TFG in the past, and wish them all luck in the future.
Miso wins QuakeLive tournament
Yesterday our Quakelive player Miso won #1 Slovenian QuakeLive DUEL tournament. After some close games in final vs yuka , he won 2:1 and finished cup undefeated.

Final results:

Bostjan "MISO" Krajnc
Aleksander "yuka" Nadj
Blaz "rex" Krizaj

Congrats !

Welcome !
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